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Born 1986 in Munich, Germany

With a father as filmmaker I had little hope to escape into a "normal Life" and found my passion for cameras and the moving picture in my early youth.

I started my professional career in 2005, by completing 2 years of training as a camera technician at FGV Rental in Munich.

Since then I have worked many years in the commercial and feature film industry, climbing from loader to camera assistant to operator and Cinematographer.

Working as Cineflex & Shotover Operator since 2013 and shortly after that started as one of the first professionals in Europe experimenting with brushless gimbal systems

With a strong foundation in place I managed to be part of great commercial campaigns as camera and Ronin operator, working for Sony, Mini, Porsche

and many more ...

After working as operator fo many years I started to create more and more art projects with other creatives, slowly developing my skills and passion as cinematographer leading to the my latest projects as DoP for Porsche, Asics, Sioux or Nio.

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