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Cinematographer / Filmmaker / Nerd

This possibly describes my profession best.

To make it brief, I love to create / write / shoot / direct

To capture a special moment can be everything.

To try and get to this moment can be painful but in my experience always worth it.


The camera Nerd

I grew up surrounded by cameras, with a father as filmmaker and director I caught the passion for the moving picture in my early youth.

Since then there was nothing more interesting to me then having a camera in my hands.

This hasn't changed to this day.  I love to shoot stories, capture moments or create  films that have meaning or bring joy to the audience.

When you do something, then do it right.

I try to live by that in everything I do. Therefor I started my career learning the basics of camera technology at FGV Rental in Munich.

Since then I have worked many years in the commercial and feature film industry, climbing from loader to camera assistant to camera and gimbal operator and now focus on my work as a Cinematographer shooting commercials.

With a strong foundation in place I had the pleasure to collaborate with many talented directors of our industry such as

Stuart McInytre, Charley Stadler or André Stringer.

Creating national and international TV commercials for brands like Porsche,  Yfood, Proctor & Gamble or Sony.

Always keep developing 

For a while now I also had the opportunity to create my own projects as Director/DP.

Starting with my own Indyfilms and music videos I  shot commercials for Telekom, Mazda or Hyundai.

I really do enjoy creating my own stories and bringing them to life.

Let's create something together...

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