Roman Müllegger was born 1986 in Munich, Germany

Due to his family backround in the film industry he has found his passion for cameras and the moving picture in his early youth.

He started his professional career in 2005, by completing 2 years of training as a camera technician at FGV Rental in Munich.

Since then he has worked many years in the commercial and feature film industry, climbing from loader to camera assistant to operator and Cinematographer

Creative and inspired he has always pursued his passion for filming. 

He has been working as Cineflex & Shotover Operator since 2013, 

shortly after that started as one of the first professionals in Europe experimenting with brushless gimbal systems

With a strong foundation in place he quickly evolved into a well established camera and Ronin operator working on campaigns for Sony, Mini, Deichmann and many more

The amount of international work experience he has gained whilst working with well known and successful Directors and DoPs has hugely impacted and contributed to his versatile skills in TVCs and feature productions

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